For the most part, your door lock is strong enough to last when you own your property. However, there are instances when the lock cylinder requires replacement. For example, it starts to rust or gets to the point the tumblers don’t turn. Or, in an unfortunate circumstance, the lock is damaged during a break-in.

In situations where the mechanism fails, you need a lock cylinder replacement. This ensures your beloved possessions are protected. This includes your family. To understand more, here’s a FAQ on lock cylinder replacement.

Lock Cylinder Replacement

What is a lock cylinder?

Simply put, a lock cylinder, also known as a key cylinder, is the space where you insert a key. Turning it adjusts the pins in the cylinder itself. This shifting causes the lock to engage or disengage.

What types of cylinders are available

There are several types of lock cylinders available for residential and commercial properties.

rim cylinder is part of a night latch system. In other words, it’s a standard unit where the lock is based on the outside of the door. Meanwhile, the interior is comprised of a knob with a turning mechanism to lock the door. A rim cylinder is inexpensive to replace.

mortise cylinder has a threaded exterior and a cam. This is opposed to the rim cylinders bots and stem setup. On top of this, they fit inside the door instead of being found on its exterior. Solid and reliable mortise locks have been around long before the creation of the rim cylinder.

High-security locks are designed to provide an added level of protection against the primary methods of criminal attack. An example of this is a deadbolt cylinder. Instead of locking the door from an inside knob or handle, deadbolts require a key to engage and disengage the system from the door’s exterior.

The Key in Knob (KIK) cylinder is the mechanism utilized in standard locks. It consists of the plug (where the key is inserted), locking pins, and a retainer to maintain their positions. This is enclosed in a case with springs and a plug cap. The K1K cylinder is part of a complete lock kit.