Call the Locksmith! – When It’s Time to Call In The Professionals

Moving Somewhere New

 Congratulations, you’ve bought a house! Money has exchanged hands, and paperwork has been filed to transfer ownership into your hands. Now, you can move your things in and begin setting up your house. This is a great feeling, but before you get too comfortable, you should consider calling a house locksmith. You will want to have both an exterior door lock change and an interior door lock change to help ensure that any copies of the original set of keys cannot access your home. After all, you don’t know how many people may have lived in this house and who may still have their keys after leaving. Houses that have been rented before are at high risk of someone who once lived there burglarizing it. 

 If the house is something that you have built, there is equally as high of a risk of someone having a copy of the key as all of the different people who work on the project (builders, electricians, contractors, plumbers, etc.) will need to be able to get inside your home to do their work. And you will want to have a key for yourself so you can go in and check out the work when necessary. After the project, their copies will be returned, but it is impossible to know if someone made a copy during their off time. So, once you have received the seal of approval that everything is done, reach out to a residential locksmith to completely change them. 

Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Keys

 How many times have you misplaced your keys? You are about to head out the door and realize that you don’t have them in hand. So, you spend hours looking around the house to know you can’t find them. Or perhaps you recall that your purse that had just been stolen had them inside, and now you are panicking that someone will know where you live and can get inside. This is when you need to reach out to your local locksmith and have them come over and perform an interior door lock change and an exterior door lock change. This will ensure that you and your family will be safe if someone outside of the house has found any keys. 

 Another common thing that happens is the breaking of keys. Often, if the door locks are not well maintained (either through keeping them oiled or roughly handling them), the key will sometimes break under the negative pressure of the mechanisms and the person turning it. It can even snap off in the lock, making both items now useless. You will need to call a locksmith to come out and either repair the lock and pull out the broken key so another can be crafted or replace the entire lock if nothing can be done to salvage it. Either way, having a professional on your side will make the whole ordeal easier to manage. 

Changing the Security System

 As the level of technology for home security changes, so too does the skills of skilled lockpicks and burglars. They are studying the new systems on the market and figuring out what kind of ways they can get inside without being noticed. That is why it is essential that you update your security system from whatever may have been there before. If you only have a deadbolt or a standard door lock, consider upgrading to a smart lock or a high security lock. This will help deter anyone who may have already been considering breaking into your home and not be prepared for the changeup. 

 Perhaps having door locks isn’t the best for you as you are always misplacing your things. If you are unsure what kind of lock may be best for your home, contact your local residential locksmith and ask them for some recommendations. They will know what is currently on the market and what may be best for you to have. They can recommend a lock that requires a punch code to get inside or scans your fingerprint to register you are a resident of the house. They will also help you keep you within budget as you work to improve your security system. 

Getting Locked Out

 If you’ve ever been locked out of your room, locked out of an apartment, or locked out of a house, you know how frustrating it can be to have to reach out to the complex’s maintenance crew or your landlord to ask for help to get back in. This will require time as they finish whatever they were working on to come to you and find whatever key you need if they don’t carry it upon them all the time. If you had bought groceries, you could expect anything frozen you’ve purchased to be thawed out before you finally make it in. However, there is an easier way to get inside. 

 By calling a residential locksmith, you can have someone come out within a moment’s notice, and they will use what tools they have to get you inside as quickly as possible. Whether you have a high security lock or a deadbolt, an emergency locksmith service will know how to bypass them all and help open the door with minimal to no damage done to the lock itself. They can unlock your door as if they had the key themselves. Even smart locks have protocols that they can access to allow them to override the need for a code to help you enter your residence. 

How to Find the Right Locksmith

 It’s time to call the locksmith, but how do you find the right one? You can either flip through the Yellow Pages or do an internet search to find those in the area, but make sure to do some research before you dial the number. First, always hire locally. You will want someone who will be easy to reach and not require a ton of time to get to your location. Hiring from a corporate company will also come with higher rates for the same service. 

 Another thing to look for is those who are certified and are insured. Certified locksmiths have been trained to be highly proficient in various areas of locksmithing. This will mostly be given by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), who oversees the training and makes sure that all courses are up to date on the latest security programs and instruments available. You will be able to have complete confidence in anyone who has this certificate. You will also want an insured person as there is always the chance of damage done to your home as they are replacing or repairing the lock. Make sure that they can offer a guarantee on their work.

 Finally, always check reviews that previous customers have posted online. Please make sure that there are no complaints about the quality of their work or on their efficiency. Also, read each review as they will give you an idea of how valid they might be. Keep in mind that everyone has had bad days, or there have been those who choose to post salacious remarks because they didn’t get everything exactly how they wanted it and the reduced price they thought they could bully the person into giving them. So, do your research and make sure that you hire the right person for the job.