Before you lose or misplace your vehicle key, you can opt to have a duplicate key as a spare. When you lose your Chevrolet car key, you will need to get a duplicate or make a copy of your key. You can opt to call a motor dealer or locksmith who is available 24 hours, seven days a week, especially if you urgently need a new car key.

An intelligent access vehicle key will work by locking and unlocking your doors and starting the engine using the push to start button. Because you cannot use your auto if you have misplaced the key, you must get a car key replacement as soon as you can.

There are several factors to consider when looking to replace your remote key. Some of these are:

Types Of Chevrolet Keys

Metal Keys: these are the standard metal keys that mostly come with older models manufactured before 1981.

Fob Key: This kind of key has a chip and will need to be coded. It looks like a remote with multiple buttons.

Transponder Keys: These keys have a computer chip in them that is programmed to the Chevrolet’s main computer that works together to lock, unlock or start the vehicle. These keys were designed to increase the security of the auto. The locksmith needs to cut and program car key that matches the main auto computer.

Remote Key: This type of key allows you to lock, unlock and start the vehicle from a short distance.

Remote Flip Key: This key includes the features of the transponder key and the remote key. It enables you to lock and unlock all the doors of the vehicle remotely. It is programmed to communicate with the main vehicle computer as it bears a chip in it.

How To Get A Chevrolet Key Replacement

The process of getting a new car key is not difficult. However, there are several things you will need to do to ensure that the replacement key works well. The first thing is to find out the year of manufacture of your Chevrolet.

The period the vehicle was manufactured will determine what kind of key it uses. Cars that use a standard metal key are different from those that use a key fob. The process of getting a substitute for the two kinds is vastly different.

Next, you will check the model of your vehicle. Different Chevrolet models will have different kinds of keys, and before you make a copy, you will need this information to make the appropriate key. If you are not sure of the year of manufacture and the vehicle’s make, you can find those details in the title certificate of the vehicle.

This information is crucial because you will share this with the locksmith to make your replacement keys. Keys are specialized based on the make, model, and year of manufacture.

There are different kinds of keys; in the earlier years, a key was used to open the doors and a different one for the car’s ignition. Cars made before 1981 will need a standard replacement key cut.

From the 2000s, Chevrolet cars had a separate key fob and key to open and close the door. Most Chevrolet cars now use a flip key, which folds into the key fob, and it works to lock and unlock the doors and start the vehicle. A smart key is mostly found in Chevrolets that were made in the late 2000s.

This kind of key has the remote key and key fob incorporated as one. You will need to note down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Number, a 17-digit unique identifier for your vehicle. No two vehicles have the exact VIN. The VIN number is mostly found on the inside of the driver’s door on a sticker.

The locksmiths will use the VIN to make your replacement key. They need only the last eight digits of the 17 of the VIN to get the car key replacement made. However, ensure that you share all the 17 digits.

When you are ready with this information, you can call a locksmith, and they can create the replacement key. If you contact a motor dealer, they will get the replacement key from the manufacturer. This is likely to be more expensive.

Once the key is ready, the locksmith or motor dealer will let you know, and you can pick up your replacement key. You will pick up the metal key for older Chevrolet models, and you can access your vehicle. If your vehicle requires an electronic replacement key, you will need to have it programmed.

Chip keys have a special chip in them, and the key fob remote key will also need programming. More recent vehicle model keys also have a lot more parts compared to the metal keys. There are vehicle keys with transponders, switchable keys, remotes, laser cut keys, and chips.

However, the replacement key will work perfectly in your vehicle with the correct VIN and other details. If you have changed the ignition cylinder, you may need to share additional information with the vehicle dealer or the locksmith.

The VIN that identifies the original code of the ignition cylinder will not be helpful to carry out the car key replacement. The locksmith will have to cut and program the car key without using that code.

Some locksmiths or vehicle dealers may require that you share proof that the vehicle belongs to you before they begin the process of duplicating or replacing the vehicle keys. Some of the documentation you may need to provide are the title certificate, registration, proof of insurance, and identification documents.

How To Get Chevrolet Car Key Duplication

The process of duplicating a Chevrolet key is the same as getting a replacement one done. For older models, the metal key is easy to copy and is usually straightforward. The process of electronic car key duplication is much more complicated, and most locksmiths will advise that you get a replacement done as opposed to duplicating the key.

Cost of Chevrolet Car Key Replacement

The cost of getting a car key copy varies based on some factors. Some of these are:

Where You Get The Replacement Key Done

The cost of getting a replacement key will vary with where you go. Dealers are likely to cost more than locksmiths. However, it is essential to go to a professional locksmith as opposed to a cheaper non-professional locksmith. The key may not be programmed correctly and will cause problems in the future. A professional locksmith is 50% less than a delar.

The Kind Of Key Being Replaced

Recently manufactured Chevrolet model cars key replacements are more costly because of the level of expertise that makes one. Smart keys require more parts to put them together, have more features and require programming or coding. The increased features make it costlier as compared to standard keys that are easily cut from metal. Laser-cut keys require special machinery to ensure they are of the same standard as the original.

The Kind of Service That Will Be Done

Car key duplication is cheaper than car key replacement. The duplication process for standard keys is copied from the original. Duplication is often not carried out; instead, a replacement of the keys is done. The replacement is to carry out the coding process afresh without the risk of the car key replacement failing to work as it should.

However, the car key duplication can still be carried out. The way it works is that the original key will have to be reprogrammed to match the duplicate keys to lock and unlock and operate the vehicle. The programming is done so that the transponder in the car key replacement works with the ignition and door receivers. The transponders in the duplicate key will not automatically match the receivers in the ignition or doors, and therefore programming is necessary for it to work.

Amount of Time It Takes to Get Chevrolet New Car Key Replacement

Because you can lose your key anytime, it is important to know vehicle dealers or locksmiths available 24 hours, seven days a week to get a car key copy made as fast as possible. When you have all the necessary information, it will take only about half an hour to get a new key made or car key duplication completed.

It may take longer to cut and program car keys if the model is more recent and has a more complex kind of key. Locksmiths are often available and will be 50% less than a delar.

Testing The Car Key Copy

It is crucial to test the new car key once your locksmith is finished making or duplicating one. Most vehicle dealers will send the key to you, and you can test it out. In some instances, you may need to tow the car to the dealership and test that the car key copy works. Locksmiths will come to your location and test the key before handing it over to you.