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Car key replacement

If you are locked out of your car, we can get you back in, but you still need a new key. You could go to the dealership and get new access, but that may take a while, and the dealership charges are very high. If your car has a traditional lock, you can DIY your way into a new lock, but that takes time, and you may not have the tools.

The best option, we can come to you and give you a new key at an affordable price and fast. We can drive to you and assist you in getting a new key. We deal with all types of auto key systems, from simple wafers to the most complex fobs and transponders.

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What Type of Key-Systems Do We Deal With?

A key has six main parts as follows:

• The bow is the part you hold when you are using the key or the part with the buttons in the case of a key fob

• The bitting refers to the cuts on the key that manipulates the internal mechanisms of a lock

• Wards are cuts on a key that do not manipulate the lock, but they keep it from fitting in keyways it is not meant to open

• The blade is the part that has cuts, wards, and the tip, and it is where the action happens

• The tip is the part of the key that gets in a keyway fast

• The should is the broader part of the blade that ensures you do not over-insert the key, but most modern key systems lack this part

To understand locks and car keys and replace them, our locksmiths need to understand each of these parts. The bitting is especially important as it determines how the key operates.

We deal with key and lock systems from the traditional lock openers to those that need to be programmed. 

Wafer Key

This is a key for wafer locks. They have cuts at the top and bottom of the blade, and this ensures that they open a lock on whichever side of the key you insert. The principle of operation of these locks is almost the same as that of a pin tumbler lock.

The wafers inside the lock raise to different heights, depending on how the bitting on the key moves them. If the wafers are long, the cuts on the key will be deeper. These locks are not secure as jiggle, marshal, and wave key systems can open these locks.

To keep your car safe, you may need a transponder chip placed on the bow of the key to ensure that a thief will not have access to your vehicle. If your key replacement requires a wafer key, check whether there is a transponder chip for added security.

Slider Key

A slider key has a snake path on its blade. These snaky paths manipulate the internal components of the lock to open the lock. Each slider fits into a gate, but there are false gates for security purposes. Without the faulty gates, the keys would be easy to pick.

In most cases, these latchkeys hide in your fob and only come out when you press a key on your fob. If you lose one key, we can assist you in replacing it.

Key Fob and Transponders

These are modern key systems that need to be programmed to work. We can assist you in replacing a key and program it to match your car system. A fob is like the remote part of your key. These fobs come with proximity sensors, and you may need them to start your car. In short, the fob authenticates that you are the owner of the vehicle.

Transponders, on the other hand, are traditional keys fitted with a transponder chip on the bow. The chip on the key shows that you are using the right key and not a duplicate key. You may have a wafer or slider key, but the chip makes all the difference.

If you lose this key and need key replacement, we will replace the traditional key first and then program the transponder to give you access to your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We ensure that our technicians get to you in 20 to 30 minutes from your call time. This depends on how close you are to an available technician. Our technicians are always on the move and ready to pick your call and head your way. They will keep constant communication with you as they make their way to where you are, so you do not get too anxious.

We can unlock and service all types of cars, thanks to our highly trained and experienced personnel. We have years of experience opening all kinds of vehicles, including luxury models. You need not worry about your car being too complicated for technicians because the chances are that they have dealt with that exact model a significant number of times.

Our expert technicians always assess your car’s condition and advise you on the estimated time the procedure will take before they begin. A standard car unlocking will probably take five minutes. If our technician needs to use a key to unlock your car, the service’s duration will depend on how complex the key is. We will notify you of the estimated time to open your car before we start working on it.

No! Our technicians have been highly trained to anticipate and maneuver a wide range of car lock situations with great precision and care. We guarantee that your ca will be unlocked without as much as a scar on its body. If the lock system cannot be functional after opening, our technician will be glad to replace it for you so that your car remains in perfect condition.

If you have been wondering, "What security technician services are there near me? Now you know.

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