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Our founders started this firm because we saw the need for a reliable locksmith service company in New York City. Business, home, and car owners were continually finding themselves helpless whenever they lost their keys or access to their properties. And we thought to ourselves, “No one should have to panic or suffer a great inconvenience because of something so familiar.

That's not all.

Besides people being locked out of their properties, it became clear that there was a massive disparity between the quality of security being dished out and the security installations themselves. Many people complained that they spent hundreds of dollars, even thousands, having security locks installed just for them to break down after a few months or get broken into.

Companies were investing lots of money into suitable surveillance hardware only to suffer the disappointment of low-quality footage and glitches, making it almost impossible to gather any useful information from that equipment. The problems we were witnessing in the industry were right up our alley. This motivated us to step up so we could meet your needs with prompt and efficient services.

We did not become a reputable security firm overnight.

We had to gather a team of experts in the field who had the training and the expertise to provide world-class safety solutions to our customers. 

Our technicians have been vetted in expertise, customer service, and communication so that you get excellent and friendly service. We started small with only a few customers, but everyone who came our way recommended our services to even more clients. 

We were getting calls from all over Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and the whole of NY in no time.

We are proud to say that we have successfully served thousands of customers since we began providing security services.

Our goal is not to merely offer assistance to you. We strive to ensure that we provide quality and affordable solutions. That is why all our technicians are licensed and insured to guarantee our clients of their safety and value. We are now a tried and tested firm in New York because of our commitment to putting your needs first.

Going forward, we can only wish to maintain and expand our already top-notch services so we can continue to serve you with the same zeal. We have devised a single billing process at all our locations for your convenience. We dispatch invoices according to your establishment’s distinct needs so we can take care of your security needs efficiently.

Become a part of this revolutionary era by giving us a call today. Let us do what we do best to enjoy maximum electronic and physical security no matter where you are. Reach out to us at (347) 770-5525 and enjoy the best rates in the market.

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